WhatsApp Trick 99% People Don’t Know About

It’s a WhatsApp trick which many people don’t know about. Almost 99 % of the people don’t know about this trick. This trick is very very helpful in keeping the track of the storage and the chat done to a person. And it’s also helpful to people who wants to check the chat history of a person.

Here in this trick you need to follow some of the major steps and then the trick is applied.

Follow these steps :

1.Open WhatsApp

2. Go to settings

3. Go to Data and storage usage

4. Click onto Storage Usage

Here you can find so many people’s or the groups you have done maximum chats or the highest no of files shared to a person or a group and you can even clear your storage from there.

Video Reference :

Watch this video to know the exact method of the entire trick.

I guess with this trick it might have been clear that how to trick will be working.

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