Custom Cash In Steam

Add Custom Cash in Steam || Indians add exactly 5 $ now

Adding custom cash to the  steam account is much more easy than you think. All you need to do is follow some steps. But , before you go to those steps. There are some things you need to notice :  “The amount should be greater than 5 $”. Now you might be thinking the title says, add exactly 5 $ and later it’s telling more than 5 dollars. It’s something like the steam says to add 320 rs and it is not equal to 5 dollars. So, this post is for you . It can allow you to add exactly 5 dollars to the steam account. Either watch the video or just follow the below mentions steps.

Video Details:

Watch this video or just follow the instructions given below.

Video Details:

This video is about adding custom cash to the steam account.

Just Follow the given steps :

Step 1 :

Open Your steam account in browser , not in your steam software.

Step 2:

Login with your username and password.Validate your authentication part.


Go to your account details, and click on add funds to your steam wallet.(It also shows a + sign there)


Right Click on add funds (one with the green color tab), and click on INSPECT(to view website code)

Step 5:

It shows data amount = 500 $ or 32000. Change that to 35000.

Final step:

 Close the inspect tab and click on add funds and you can go with your billing information. 

And you can see that, you have added 350 rs or exactly 5 $ according to the Indian currency.

That’s all for this post (Add Custom Cash in Steam || Indians add exactly 5 $ now) 


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