How To Make Animated Videos ?

How To Make Animated Videos ?

How To Make Animated Videos:

In order to make animated videos you need to get a software named Plotagon Studio.Plotagon studio is a software  through which you can make any sort of animated video within minutes.All you need to do is have a good idea of you content and start making the video.

If you want to download Plotagon Studio :

For Pc or Laptop:

For Mobile (Android) :

For Mobile (IOS) :

How To Make Animated Videos:

1. First you need to download & install Plotagon studio.

2. You need to choose a character or you can also make a new character.

3. Select a plot in which you’re going to make an act.

4. Then click on the plot.

5.Click on the scene part in the left side of the screen.

6. Click on the character and add a character then add his location in the plot. 

7. Then click on the dailogue box which is above centered and add a dailogue or the conversation.

8. Then you can also add some actions from the 4th block which looks like lightening .

Hence, by this method you can make a animated video.

I Think after this you’ll be knowing about how to make animated videos:

If you want to watch a video and get a reference:

Here’s the video:

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